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Green Paradise Resorts Wayanad

Ask us why visit Wayanad, and we would give you the same reasons that fueled our dreams at Green Paradise Resorts.

A climate that parallels any hill station, yet giving you the joy of basking in subtle, warm sunlight. Green, as far as your eyes reach, with intermittent hills and valleys. Skies blue, and gentle mist that wraps on your every move. Birds, breeze and flowing water - together in musical harmony.

Welcome, to Wayanad. Welcome to Green Paradise Resorts.

At Green Paradise, we ensure you enjoy cuisines of the world at your fingertips. An authentic multi-culinary experience serving you diversities of the world, Green Paradise boasts of a line of specialized chefs, efficient personalized service and choicest of food across:

• Local Delights (South Indian / Kerala Cuisine)
• Continental
• Chinese
• Arabic

Green Paradise Resorts also provides the following services:
• Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Programs
• Camp Fire
• Adventure Hill Walking
• Sight Seeing Tours
• Currency Exchange
• Travel Assistance/Rental
• Doctor on Call
Kabani & Kaveri Cottages
Imagine waking up to the sound of waterfalls. At Kabani & Kaveri Cottages imagine more as we promise to surprise you with an ambiance combining nature and pure sensation. Well spaced ethnic wood furnished rooms, surrounded by exotic waterfalls and exciting freshness. Your experience is our priority at Green Paradise Resorts.

Green & , Paradise Cottage
In tune with the best that nature has to offer, Paradise Cottage is the ideal choice for small families or a couples getaway. Adding all of nature’s colors to the comfort of your home, these fully furnished cottages remain an experience, ensuring you have to yourself a rejuvenated mind and body.

Al Ain Cottage
Adopting its name from the Green City of UAE, Al Ain Cottage adds an Arabic flavor to the Indian wind. Full furnished interiors resembling the Arabic “Majliz” and a perfect blend of ethnicity and nature, ensure you live life king size as we put you on top of the world with our aesthetically built Al Ain Cottages.

Rock House
Waterfalls, lush green landscaping, and a sun that peeps in and out. Nature ensures Wayanad is as dreamy as it sounds. Complete your back to nature experience in our very own Rock House; full furnished, and made entirely of rock from bedroom to bath, Rock House is your escape from the every day and to reconnect with fun and family.
The Green Paradise ambiance includes the following amenities:

• Internet
• Cable TV
• Hot and Cold Water
• Restaurant
• Laundry
• Car Parking

Old vythri, Vythri, Wayanad.
PIN: . Kerala, India.
Ph: , Mob:


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